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Fingerless Gloves/Mitts

Saethwr by Annie Riley (Knit)

The word saethwr is Welsh for archer and is pronounced (roughly) sigh-THOOR. As I looked at the finished design, what immediately came to mind was archery, and therefore, an archer. I tossed around the idea of simple naming them Archer Gloves, but I felt it was too boring. So I looked up various translations of the word and settled on Welsh.

The shaping in the rows, made with well-placed decreases and increases, creates arrow-like stripes pointing toward the knuckles as you alternate between two yarn colors. Ribbing on the under side provides plenty of stretch for a snug yet comfortable fit, and the gusseted thumbs allow for range of motion while still being easy to knit.

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Rumple by Barb Mastre-Stanford (Crochet)

Rumple is a squooshy and slightly slouchy hat, perfect for that special skein of sock yarn you want to show off to the world instead of hiding it inside your shoes!

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