"I was lucky enough to receive 2 skeins of gorgeous Afghan Hound yarn in a subscription box, before even unwrapping it all the way I was greeted by the most adorable puppy on the tag and I was intrigued. After opening it I couldn’t stop petting the yarn, and immediately began searching for the perfect pattern. After finding one I loved I wound the first skein and cast on. This yarn is a dream to knit with, soft and buttery, doesn’t split or stick on my needles (at this point I’ve tried several different types of needles and all have worked beautifully) I was hooked! I finished my first project the next day and had to order more right away. After browsing the store I found a skein of Mutt that was perfect for a Christmas present I had in mind to make. Shipping was very quick and I had the skein in my hands just a few short days later, excellent communication from Fiber Hound and my skein came with an amazingly useful surprise! Once again the quality of the yarn and the consistency of the colors were flawless!!! I had been eyeing a few new colors and was lucky enough to find a skein in Argos and Raining Cats & Dogs. How do you not love the names of this yarn? Once again shipping was fast, amazing communication from Fiber Hound and when I got the yarn it was so stunning I couldn’t wait to cast on. The Argos is like knitting with watercolors, the transitions are so stunning I’ve had people stop and stare at it. I bought it to make a present with and I am planning on picking up some more for myself. I can not recommend this yarn enough. I am a HUGE fan. Gorgeous yarn, knits like a dream and a fantastic and friendly company to work with, what more could you ask for? Thank you Fiber Hound for being so amazing!" - Kate Ettensohn

"I love single ply yarns, especially in fingering weight, which is not always easy to find in such lovely colors!  I would definitely recommend this yarn! It has a wonderful softness to it without the too-thin spots that can sometimes plague single ply, and the colors are even better in person. And the yarn tags are cute, too!" - Barb Mastre-Stanford

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