Afghan Hound & Woodstacking Cowl

I’m always searching for great 1 skein projects, especially for skeins of yarn that are around 200 yards.   I was able to find a beautifully textured cowl that takes between 145 and 185 yards of DK weight yarn, called Woodstacking.  It was designed by Ann Hanson, a prolific designer from Canton, Ohio who has been featured in a number of pattern books.  This cowl of hers features a cable-and-moss texture that looks incredible in any shade or color.  It’s particularly extravagant when made from Afghan Hound, Fiber Hound’s 50% Silk & 50% Superwash Merino DK yarn; I chose the Mush! colorway.

The cowl comes with the option of 3 sizes of width; the only time that the difference in stitch counts comes into play is when casting on and knitting the border ribbing.  The inner section is easily customizable for how tall it can be by repeating the sections.  

The cowl begins by casting on normally, and creating a 2:2 ribbing for a set number of rows.  It quickly goes into the body section, which has the option of being read from a chart or written out.  The instructions have two of the three sections written out, with the first section being repeated after the second.  The layout is very basic; part of the section is an easy cable, the other part a moss stitch surrounded by purl stitches, creating a box.  The first and second sections are almost identical, with the changes being in the position and the direction of the cable.  

After completing the delightfully simple and easy to memorize pattern, the pattern is finished by repeating the ribbing section that started the pattern, and binding off.

I cannot say enough great things about this pattern; it’s well written, easy, and kept my interest the whole time knitting it.  It makes a great gift as it only took me 3 days to create, and it shines being made from Afghan Hound because of how soft and squishy it feels..


Posted on August 7, 2013 and filed under Pattern Review.