Featured Yarn: Borzoi

Today we’re featuring Borzoi, our luxury sock weight yarn.  This yarn is 80% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) wool, and 20% Bamboo. Although there is a relatively small amount of bamboo in the yarn, the yarn has a specific sheen and color because of it.  Bamboo is often used as an eco-friendly substitute for silk as they are both straight, shiny, and strong fibers.  Paired with the shiny BFL, the yarn has a very soft and silky feel.  When dyed, the colors do not absorb as thoroughly as they would in other fiber combinations, since the bamboo is a plant fiber, and the dyes we use are meant for animal fibers.  This creates a beautiful, vintage look for the yarn.  


Puppy Love

Barking Up The Right Tree

Muddy Paws

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog


Double Dog Dare Ya

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Old Yeller

Throw Me A Bone


Rolling In The Grass


Every Dog Has Its Day

Raining Cats & Dogs

Bark Mitzvah



Top Dog

Running Dog Nebula

The yarn is a round 4 ply, which gives it great stitch definition for cable work and textures, as well as being sturdy enough to withstand the abuse of most feet.  Borzoi is great for more-special projects that you’ll cherish for years, as well as being strong enough for harder wearing clothes, like baby sweaters or socks.

Mica Tam, in Rolling in the Grass

Sock, in Barking Up The Right Tree

Jeudi, in Double Dog Dare Ya

Posted on June 18, 2014 and filed under Products.