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Afghan Hound & Thendara

In the midst of completing the Yarnbox project, I decided it would be important to demonstrate how the two yarns can be used together in one project using a more popular pattern.  In thinking of what would fill these requirements, my mind immediately went to any pattern of Stephen West's, as he loves to use stripes throughout many of his patterns.  I chose Thendara because of the pleasant geometrical shape, and because it fit the yardage and yarn thickness requirements.  I was able to complete the shawl with only two skeins of Afghan Hound with the main color Hushpuppy, and the secondary color Sirius, with a few fewer rows made in the end.  If you have more skeins to use, the pattern gives an option for a larger version.

The shawl begins at the inner center, and after an edge is created in the main color, it begins to stripe and expand. The ridges of color expanding from the center are created from slipped stitches of the main color.  For the first part of the pattern, the shawl is only four sections, but after a measured completion of a delightfully memorizable four rows, the pattern recreates two more of the center cast on splits.  This creates three "square" sections, with four middle or end sections interspersed around them.  The pattern finishes with garter stitch to make an edge that doesn't curl.


The pattern is very well written and left me having no questions about how to proceed while being a lot of fun to complete.  My favorite thing about the design is how it uses both garter stitch rows and stockinette rows to create different types of textured stripes.  I was able to enjoy wearing this shawl to experience how well it functioned on my honeymoon in Vancouver, where most days were cool enough that it required some sort of sweater or scarf.  I tend to wear shawls just over my shoulders and rarely tied, and having the silk and wool blend over my shoulders kept me surprisingly warm as we wandered through the city.

Posted on November 6, 2013 and filed under Pattern Review.