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Fiber Hound Stitch Markers

A small project I've been working on releasing for a few months now is Fiber Hound stitch markers!  They are dog themed (of course) and adorable.  I've taken some of them out for a test run, and I was surprised that I actually got excited to transfer the marker from one needle to the other.  I also found that I was more careful not to lose them, which is another bonus!  I'm offering these handmade stitch markers in eight different colors that blend well with Fiber Hound's color scheme.

Each stitch marker in the package has a different charm: a paw print, a bone, a dog, and a dog bowl.  They are made out of high-quality pewter.

Each of the eight colors were meticulously chosen to match Fiber Hound's color scheme, and they are vibrant, beautiful beads.

Posted on June 11, 2014 and filed under Products.